The Russian Word for Tea is чай

Russian tea tins are among the most beautiful tea tins I have seen up to now. Russians love tea, and I love Russian tea tins. The tins are usually very colorful, very imaginative design, showing often very lively scenes. And sometimes scenes from everyday life.

Here is shown a small advertising tea tin plate, maybe it was a tip tray, or a giveaway for customers. I guess it dates from c1910. Diameter is 11.6 cm.

Please note that the scene shows the typical Russian way of preparing tea with a samowar. Please also note that the man in the picture drinks his tea from the saucer, not from the cup. A way of drinkíng tea which avoids that you burn your tongue – the tea cools down in the saucer much faster than in the cup.

Make sure you don’t overlook the cat!


2 Responses to “The Russian Word for Tea is чай”

  1. joe jackson Says:

    I have a tin that is 2″by2″ and 3″ high Has, yan on top, also russian wrinting, and KC in big letters. there is a bigger K C on the bottom. there is also a date 1842. looks like oriental pictures on sides. I am interested in anything I can find out about it. thanks, Joe

    • “KC” company – that’s probably the company your question is about? The tea is from “K. and S. Popows Brothers” in Moscow. The company was founded in 1842. The company was purveyor of tea to the Court of his Majesty (the Czar of Russia). A Russian lady translated the letterings on the tin for me 😉

      Besides, I have just added a Popov tea tin to this blog. Hopefully you like it!

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