Welcome to my tea tin pages!

These pages show tea tins, mostly European, from my collection.

These pages were made to share the enthusiasm for old advertising tins with other people who see in them items combining utility, advertising, design, art, and beauty.

The tins are not for sale.

Why collect tea tins?

Well, in my opinion, the better question would be:

Why not???

They are fascinating contemporary witnesses which tell us about daily life, the dreams and ideas which stimulated people at times long ago. Imagine the households and old shoppes where these tins were kept. They are typical in design for certain periods. They depict what people thought or imagined about foreign countries and about how tea was served and consumed.

Too many geishas???

I have often heard that the decorations of tea tins are not so interesting (to put in in a friendly way) because there are too many or even only geishas. Well, most of the tea came and still comes from Asia. Illustrations from the countries of origin is therefore quite common. Asia is huge and diverse, and the illustrations on tea tins are equally diverse. Yes, there are many geishas and other beautiful ladies, oriental, western and Russian. But not only beautiful women having tea. Some scenes are even funny.

Also some smart guys from East and West are represented on tea tins.

In general, tea time is a peaceful affair. You take a break, exercise due care in preparing good tea, lean back, enjoy, muse about a few things or not, either alone or in good company. Tea tins with military illustrations or war illustrations are of minor importance.

But in general, as I pointed out, peaceful illustrations prevail:

Make tea, not war!

There is much more on tea tins:

You will find ships, railways, cars …
elephants, dragons, snakes, tigers …

etc. etc.
etc. etc. etc.

Just discover yourself!

I am always happy about feedback, additional information and corrections. You can send a message to

No use of any part of my webpages without prior consent.

I take no responsibility for the contents of all linked webpages, especially if these were changed after they were integrated on my pages.


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