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чай from Russia: Wassily Perlov & Sons

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The letterings on the tin tell us that Perlov & Sons were Purveyors to the Court. The company existed in Moscow since 1787. The tin contained 1/2 pound of “Sinschenchu” Tea. The price was 1 ruble and 10 kopecks.

A tin in typical household size (11.2 x 8.2 x 7.1 cm) from c1900. Click on the pictures to see the beautiful details.







The Russian Word for Tea is чай

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Russian tea tins are among the most beautiful tea tins I have seen up to now. Russians love tea, and I love Russian tea tins. The tins are usually very colorful, very imaginative design, showing often very lively scenes. And sometimes scenes from everyday life.

Here is shown a small advertising tea tin plate, maybe it was a tip tray, or a giveaway for customers. I guess it dates from c1910. Diameter is 11.6 cm.

Please note that the scene shows the typical Russian way of preparing tea with a samowar. Please also note that the man in the picture drinks his tea from the saucer, not from the cup. A way of drinkíng tea which avoids that you burn your tongue – the tea cools down in the saucer much faster than in the cup.

Make sure you don’t overlook the cat!