KÖNIGSBERGER Thee – Tin Plates 5 & 6

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Same size and date as for the other items shown before.


KÖNIGSBERGER Thee – Tin Plates 3 & 4

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These are quite rare. Same size and age as the pair below.

KÖNIGSBERGER Thee – Tin Plates 1 & 2

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Advertising tin plates from c1900.
Size: 10.5 cm diameter, 1.2 cm high.


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This is an advertising postcard from KTC – Königsberger Thee Compagnie. I am not at all sure about what is shown in the photo. Here is the back side of the card:

The company was founded in the 19th century by the Borchardt family in Königsberg, at that time a German city, today named Kaliningrad and belonging to Russia. The company moved to Berlin. The name has been changed to Alt Berliner Thee Compagnie (the company’s homepage is not available presently). A family member, the grandson of the founder of the tea company, was the German writer Rudolf Borchardt (1877 Königsberg—1945 Trins).

Dutch Tea Tin

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This unbranded tin dates from c 1910.
No indication of the tea company or the tin manufacturer.
Size: 16.5 x 16.5 x 15 cm


front & back

right & left side

Unbranded Tea Tins

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In contrast to tins for other products (cocoa, coffee, tobacciana etc.) tea tins are often unbranded. The sampe design can sometimes be found on branded and unbranded tea tins. Some companies identified their products simply by a paper label on the bottom or on the inside of the lid of the tea tin. In some cases, it is not clear if an unbranded tin is a tea tin, or if it was produced to contain biscuits, candy or maybe yet another product. Motifs from Asia were very much en vogue for tea tins, but also for tins for other products.

The Russian Word for Tea is чай

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Russian tea tins are among the most beautiful tea tins I have seen up to now. Russians love tea, and I love Russian tea tins. The tins are usually very colorful, very imaginative design, showing often very lively scenes. And sometimes scenes from everyday life.

Here is shown a small advertising tea tin plate, maybe it was a tip tray, or a giveaway for customers. I guess it dates from c1910. Diameter is 11.6 cm.

Please note that the scene shows the typical Russian way of preparing tea with a samowar. Please also note that the man in the picture drinks his tea from the saucer, not from the cup. A way of drinkíng tea which avoids that you burn your tongue – the tea cools down in the saucer much faster than in the cup.

Make sure you don’t overlook the cat!